The Foundation will be active in the following five areas:

To help people overcome biting poverty at the individual, family and community levels. We shall not operate at higher levels to avoid any possible political ramifications and misrepresentations.

We shall help protect, preserve and restore the environment in different jurisdictions. We shall not be subjugate to any possible misrepresentations by local jurisdictions and will develop global standards of protection, preservation and restitution as spelled out by the United Nations.

We shall support individuals, families and communities access an acceptable quality education in all areas of our operation. We shall have and maintain minimum standards and will not operate our own curriculum.

We shall respond to emergencies, including natural as well as man-made disasters. We shall work hand-in-hand with national and local jurisdictions in all such interventions.

We shall seek to provide and maintain sources of clean water for humans, livestock and crops for an improved livelihood in communities where we shall be present.

The Foundation will be funded solely by profits from the KIZITO GLOBAL GROUP OF COMPANIES. National offices will receive funds from the Regional Offices, cascading down from Continental, Zonal and ultimately the Global Office. It is estimated that the Business Group will provide up to 10% (Ten Percent) of its Net Profit to the Foundation.

Each country will have its own portfolio developed according to the unique needs of its locality and its communities. Country Offices will have operational hierarchies as well as a Board of Directors constituted by the Regional Office and approved by the Continental Office.

Each territorial office that is deemed to have exhausted its usefulness via completion of its original assignment will be duly dissolved and staff and materials either divested of or dispatched to other operational jurisdictions.